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[neogen] Dermalogy Real Heartleaf Soothing Cream 80g

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[neogen] Dermalogy Real Heartleaf Soothing Cream 80g - Enrapturecosmetics


1. CONTAINS 75% OF HOUTTUYNIA CORDATA! FASTER SOOTHING EFFECTS OF HOUTTUYNIA CORDATA Houttuynia cordata, a famous medicine for skin inflammation and detoxification! It is called a heartleaf because of the shape of the leaves It's rich in flavonoid, so it prevents aging and quickly calms acne and atopy It quickly calms the irritatedvskin irritated and helps to normalize the skin by finding a water-oil balance It helps to make clear and clean glowing skin. Houttuynia cordata with excellent efficacy It contains 75% of the ingredients extracted from the Houttuynia cordata. Feel the calming effect of the Houttuynia cordata!

2. VEGAN FORMULA'S PLANT-DERIVED INGREDIENTS MAKE IT HEALTHIER AND MORE MOISTURIZED! It contains calendula, which soothes the skin quickly, and plant extracts such as guaiazulene It raises the calming effect of Houttuynia cordata once again, and alginate and octal hyaluronic acid retain moisture in the skin It increases moisture keeps it moisturized for a long time, makes your skin soft. Also, all ingredients of Real Heart Leaf Soothing Cream are certified as vegan You can use it with more confidence with vegan formula as much as possible.

3. MOISTURIZING CREAM THAT CAN BE USED MORE SAFELY, EXCLUDING 20 SKIN HAZARDS SUCH AS ARTIFICIAL SCENT, PIGMENTS, AND ALCOHOL Anyone can use it lightly, but only the ingredients are not light, so we excluded one ingredient as much as possible. It's a nonsticky, soft gel cream that helps keep your skin moisturized for a longer time

How to use

After washing your face in the morning and evening, apply it to your face and dry areas at the final stage of basic care. In particular, apply several times to areas that feel dry to maintain moisture.


Heart Leaf Hyaluronic Acid Plant soothing ingredients (Carendula, Guaiazulene, Bottleneck, Sautil mugwort, jojoba, Queensland nut)