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Which Face Masks Give the Best Results for Sensitive Skin?

Face masks are part of an important skincare regime that can give your skin a healthy glow without using any artificial or medicinal treatments. If used right, you can see the difference in your skin within just two weeks.

While face masks are fun to apply, especially when you have to lie down with two pieces of cucumber on your eye, as you cool down from your hectic day. But, the process of selecting the right face mask set for your skin is not an entertaining process.

Enrapture Cosmetics can make this process easier for you by shortlisting some of the best-performing men's and womens face masks that you can use according to your skin type.

OHUI Extreme White Sleeping Mask

Take “extreme” care of your skin with this Ohui mask. Created with the perfect combination of snow vitamin complex, this face mask deals with tired skin and brings brightening to it. The overnight sleeping mask allows your skin to soak in all the moisture and open your pores to brighten your complexion using the Vitamin B concentration which is broken down into 1⁄4-finely sized particles.

MEDIHEAL Collagen Essential Mask

This mask is your ultimate solution for giving you a youthful glow by ensuring maximum absorption of the powerful ingredients into your skin. The Collagen activated inside the face mask provides a 3 times more intensive firming effect. The vegan collagen makes your skin plump and firm while also lessening the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Plus, the eco-friendly sheet enhances the optimal absorption of the essence into your sensitive skin.

Belif Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask

This unique jelly-like formula wraps around your skin perfectly to give you a layer of refreshed skin hydration and improve your skin dullness. All the minerals are oil-free which works together with Scottish heather to keep your skin calm and soothe out inflammation. This rich night cream mask reduces all the redness overnight and with just a small amount every night, you can see the results yourself.

CellFusionC Cica Cooling Mask

If you have acne-prone skin and it irritates you all the time then this mask is what you need. The Cica Cooling mask allows you to instantly experience freshness and coolness over your redish and overheated skin. The Panthenol and Centella Asiatica inside the mask deal with external irritation. Especially, if you have sensitive skin, the hypoallergenic sheets will be your best skincare remedy to have a glow of the lifetime.

Isntree Real Rose Calming Mask

This face mask UK by Isntree is made from 60% rose water that is powered with hyaluronic acid to keep your skin nourished and hydrated. All the dead skin cells are removed with this mask through gentle exfoliating action. You can use it daily on your sensitive skin to experience calm and soothing skin senses. The main nourishing ingredients include rosehip oil french rose petals and water. For deeper moisture, trehalose, amino acid, and hyaluronic work together inside this gel-like mask.

Onething Vitamin Brightning Mask

This face mask is an 80% tangerine extract with a rich concentration of vitamin C that enhances your skin moisture and removes all dullness. All the 12 types of vitamins involved in this brightening mask nurture your skin and make it glow by giving it youth-like elasticity. The premium natural ingredients such as fruit extract, Citrus Unshiu, and Tangerine serum. delivers the essence fully into your sensitive skin.

Dr.G Royal Black Snail Ampoule Mask

This face-lifting and firming mask by Dr. G is your solution for sensitive skin. Filled with an anti-aging ampoule, this affordable mask helps you maintain your skin elasticity while also supplying the necessary ingredients to provide intensive care. The Honey Bee Extract along with the potent combination of Royal Jelly Protein nurtures your skin and boosts its overall health. Together the multi-functioning allows you to strengthen your skin barriers and make it more nourished.

Mediheal The N.M.F Ampoule Mask

This long-lasting face mask is formulated with 8 types of Hyaluronic Acids, 7 types of Amino acids, and 3 types of Minerals, all put together using a hydrodeeper complex to keep your skin healthier and more hydrated. The texture of this cotton linter sheet mask enhances deeper absorption of all the important ingredients. After using this women's face mask, you will feel a boost in moisture and a natural glow in your face.

In Conclusion

Face masks can help you transform your skin if you know the type of mask that best suits your face condition. Enrapture Cosmetics offers various women's face masks for all skin types from famous brands that give quick and effective results to many users.

Want to choose a face mask for your skin? All the above ones are easy-to-use masks for both men and women. You can either select from our picked ones or head over to our social media and find one for yourself by learning from top Korean skincare influencers.