Have K Pop Star Skin Within Weeks

Have K Pop Star Skin Within Weeks

If you idolize K-pop stars and follow them closely, then you must wonder why they have really good skin. How can their skin look shiny all the time while we struggle with everyday skin problems like acne, hyperpigmentation, and whatnot? Although it cannot be denied that they have exemplary genetics, there is a main fact you are missing. It is their skincare routine which they don’t play around with.

And, we are not exaggerating. When it comes to the routine, there are some Korean skin care products that they regularly use to get the skin shine they have. It is more like a lifestyle which means you can follow it too, if you get your hands on the right products. 

What is the Korean Skincare Routine?

The Korean skincare routine consisted entirely of products formulated in South Korea with raw ingredients. All products avoid the use of abrasive or non-comedogenic elements that can sabotage your skin health. The Korean beauty industry knows that sustaining skin health is more about a lifestyle than just following the latest wave of new skincare products. So, they carefully take care of their skin by giving it a long-term priority and avoid any claims of overnight glows.

Koreans usually have their “me time” where they give full priority to their skin and take care of it in a structural manner. That is why, they have effective results that prevent any further skin damage due to the effect of dynamic ingredients over the years. 

Let’s see how you can implement their mighty routine into your schedule with our recommended Korean skincare products.

Oil Based Cleanser:

An oil-based cleanser is the first crucial step in the Korean skincare routine. Our D’Alba Italian White Truffle Return Oil Cream Cleanser is the alluring product in this category. It is made with Dalba-8 Blending oil and mixed with Trufferol and Belgium spa water. The white truffles inside this formula act as antioxidants and slow down aging by keeping your face clear.

Water Based Cleanser:

Take care of residual even after cleansing it with an oil-based product, this is the ideal product. For instance, Water Bank Cleansing Foam by Laneige is the ideal Korean skin care product. Its bouncy foam keeps the skin nice and tight while giving it the proper nourishment and hydration it needs to look fresh.


To make your skin glowing, you need to add exfoliation to your skincare routine. Our recommended product here is Pore Remedy PHA Exfoliating Serum by Dr. Jart+. It is a chemical exfoliator that aids in making your skin more moisturizing because of Panthenol while its Macadamia Seed Oil keeps the sebum in control to unclog pores. 


After the initial steps, you need a skin toner to restore the PH level and allow other products to absorb the skin quickly. Our top toner is pH balancing toner by Needly. It is perfect for those looking for an irritation-free toner to not only prevent aging but also brighten it. The low pH of 5.5 keeps your natural nutrients in place while the vitamin B5 enhances your skin barrier against pollutants.


Essences are recommended Korean skin care products that have powerful ingredients that are easily absorbed within your skin. Secret Essence Double Concentrate by Su: M37 regulates sebaceous activities and improves skin vitality by reducing oiliness, redness, and sensitivity.

Other Products:

The other Korean skin care products that you can add to your skincare regime are masks, eye creams, and moisturizers. You can find high-quality Korean products at Enrapture Cosmetics which is the hub of all kinds of skincare products.