Full Face Mask: How to choose the right mask for your skin

Full Face Mask: How to choose the right mask for your skin

As the summers are approaching, it is important for us to properly take care of our skin. And the best way to do so is by using a full face mask. For every skin type, there is a face mask. But how can you find the right face mask for your skin? 

We know, there are countless varieties of full face masks available, but this can be overwhelming if you don’t know your skin type. Read on to narrow down your choices and find the suited fit for your skin – and save tons of money as well!

Clay and Charcoal Masks:

Clay and charcoal are mostly popular as women face masks. They have a combination of ingredients that absorb excess oil from the face and give you the shine that you deserve. Charcoal has a robust element that gradually draws out the pollutants from your sagged pores. Our Tea Tree Pore Purifying Clay Mask by Aromatica is your key to slow oily skin problems. It is a convenient way to moisturize your skin and make it refreshing. 

Brightening Masks:

Anyone suffering from dull and dry skin must try brightening masks. These types of masks contain glistening ingredients and vitamins that cater to uneven skin tone and discoloration. Our exclusive Vitamin Brightening Mask by Onething has dual-improvement functionality that takes care of sagging skin and makes it radiating. The exfoliating glycolic acid clears the skin's surface and gives you results as an alternative to concealer and foundation.


Sleep Masks:

Does your skin lack nutrients? Sleep mask is your skin’s hydrating friend! It is a perfect last step in your evening skincare routine. These masks are more conveniently used as men face masks, allowing them to sleep peacefully by wearing them on their skin at night and letting the ingredients work their magic. Women can also use it as a moisturizer if they have dry skin. Our Water Sleeping Mask by Laneige is an overnight solution with revolutionary results. It has a Hydrating Squalance that mimics skin’s natural lipids and makes it brighter.

Sheet Masks:

These types of masks are made of cotton or paper and cater to various skin types. They have effective ingredients that you can leave on your skin for a few minutes before rinsing. Our Crossbarrier Mask by Needly provides intensive long-lasting moisturizing care with just one sheet. It has a plant-based sheet that avoids irritating your skin. The light sheets are filled with milky essence that functions like a full face mask. 

Peel Off Masks:

If you have fine lines and an aging appearance on your skin, then the peel-off mask is what you need. It is a full face mask that cleans off your skin by removing the thin layer of dead cells. It will unclog your pores, and if you use a BHA exfoliant mask, you can easily cater to those blackheads on your nose as well. If you have irritating skin but suffer from aging signs, then our Wrinkle Bounce Water Full Perfecting Mask by Kahi is what you need. It provides triple-layered comfort and intense nourishment while developing new cells. By using it regularly, your skin will look firm, soother, and more brighten within no time.


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